2021 Year in Review

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    Allan Edwin

    Hello friends!

    September is now half over and many are already packing their paddling and camping gear away. If that is you, would you be willing to drop me an email and some photos about your paddling adventures this year?

    It is looking like we may have to have another virtual year-end party and I would like to get started on composing a year-end video.

    If you are still out paddling, your photos and video are welcome too!

    My email address is: allan [dot] edwin [at] gmail [dot] com


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    Allan Edwin

    Hello all. I’m still looking for photos and video from your paddling adventures this year.

    Please email me and we can talk about how to get your files to me. Higher resolution is better and that often means you can’t send them by email.

    Allan Edwin

    Thank-you Devi for your photos. Did you make it to Bain Creek? It is on the other side of the mill, a little further than you are in your photo. It’s a beautiful site and has a composting outhouse put up by the club.

    Devi Desabhatla

    Hi all

    At 69..for me , the waters are too cold to paddle, so its pack up time.

    But I did have a lot of fun over summer: mostly Howe Sound off Port Mellon.

    Couple of images attached.

    The one with the HSPP Mill… some say its unsightly.. I respond.. think of the jobs it provides to many on the Sunshine Coast.My view of course.!

    I like the contrast.. industrial with natural beauty.

    Cheers all and happy paddling in 2022.

    Towards Bain Creek Marine site


    Woolridge Island


    Howe Sound

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