2021 Jan. 1st – Roll in the New Year

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    Mike Gilbert

    Planning an afternoon paddle January 1st, 2021 for the annual “Roll in the New Year”.

    This is a fun paddle.  You do not need a “roll” to come on it – just enjoy watching those of us who do get wet.  Find a silly hat or top to wear to make your New Year’s statement (tops should fit over your drysuit – brrrrr)!

    No idea at the moment if any of the usual Polar Bear swims will be taking place due to Covid but I imagine, even if not, individuals will be going in.

    So just asking for suggestions as to where members would like to paddle if they are interested in joining this.  Obvious choice is English Bay (put in at Vanier Park).  But if you have some other ideas let me know.  Majority rules but if you vote you have to come on the paddle!  Only fair…

    Oh yeah…all of us now know how kayakers can go for a paddle together and still keep Covid protocols in place so everyone stays safe.  So consider getting your warm butts chilled a bit and come out for a paddle with us New Years day.  Will await input before organizing and putting up on the trips board.

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