2020 – Trips Launch

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    Allan Edwin

    Hello all – this is late notice and I apologize for that. The Trips Committee (Kapila, George, and myself) will be holding a short meeting next Sunday, Feb 9, 9 am – noon at Hollyburn Sailing Club.

    Key items for the agenda:

    • Trip Posting & Registration procedures for 2020
    • Trip Leader Mentoring, Season 2
    • Trips for 2020 Season

    This meeting is for:

    • Anyone who will be leading club trips in 2020.
    • Anyone (Beginner, Intermediate) ready to be mentored by an experienced trip leader as a co-leader on trips this season.

    I will be at the club meeting this evening if you have any questions.


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    Allan Edwin

    Hi Theresa — Some clubs plan their entire season out ahead of time, listing what trips will be run on which dates — even if there are no leaders to run those trips. It’s a good strategy if you’re a tour operator or just focused on booking dates. It’s not what we do though.

    A fundamental goal for the club is to encourage more paddling. To get more trips, means we need more trip leaders. That is why our trip leaders have agreed to mentor co-leaders on trips this year, to grow the pool. If you are willing to be mentored, we can find a leader for your trip and dates. Then next time, you can run a trip without having to wait for one to be posted.

    It is a lot of work and planning to herd paddlers into line, but the rewards can be great when you get a group of folk who just click.

    So, let’s see who is ready to step up, organize a trip, and learn how to be a trip leader.

    Theresa Davies

    I notice there are very few trips- actually, only 3 posted, Desolation Sound, Broken Group and Newcastle in fall. I would like to find out why- as I’m pretty sure there are more trips happening.  I would also like to propose we compile a list of people who would like to do multi-day trips and where they would like to go. One summer I did 7 multi-days and would like to do at least 3-4 this summer.  Unfortunately, I was away for the short notice trip planning meeting and I haven’t seen another one posted. I have enjoyed 25+ multi day trips so far and would like to continue.

    I am available May up to 16th, all of June, all of July up to the 20th and August up to the 15th. I have been to and would like to go again to Ross Lake, Deer Group, Rugged Point, Broken Group, Desolation, Howe Sound, Clayquot, to name a few. Also, if there is space on a Haida Gwaii trip, I’ve been in 2001 and would love to do it again.

    If you have the appropriate gear and training and and are interested in getting together to plan, let me know.


    Allan Edwin

    Welcome to March everyone! There was a gale warning on Georgia Strait yesterday, so keep your fingers crossed — in a like a lion, out like a lamb.

    Space is still open for our first Stewardship/Conservation day to Widgeon Creek next weekend (Mar 14). Contact Katya Yushmanova for more info.

    Philip Kubik is leading a day trip around English Bay in a couple of weeks (Mar 22). Time to get the cobwebs out people. Registration is now open.

    Bob & Graham have now posted their popular Mentored Trip for Beginners/Intermediate paddlers starting on multi-day trips. They will be taking 4 paddlers out to the Broken Group Islands the last week of May. Prospective participants must provide a cover letter and participate in a pre-trip paddle. Registration opens Monday.

    Jayne Hardy & Lorraine Sharpsteen have posted a multi-day trip to Desolation Sound for the last week of June. Space is limited and bribery is not an option. There may be a talent competition. I recommend practicing with your ukuleles. Registration opens Monday.

    Finally, I am planning a multi-part series for intermediate paddlers to explore Howe Sound — South, Central, and North. Each trip will be a weekend trip, paddling 10-15 NM each day. These trips are for intermediate paddlers to test their skills over longer days and varied wind conditions. First trip (1/3) will be posted shortly, either Mar 14/15 or Mar 28/29. If you are interested in participating as a leader/co-leader/paddler, please let me know.

    Allan Edwin

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone! This long weekend will feature sunny breaks around the South Coast. Grab your boat, drysuit, and paddle and get out there.

    Two Stewardship/Conservation trips are now posted on the Trips List. Registrations are now open. It is important that we meet the minimum required number of participants as the regional district is sending a parks employee to work with us to ensure invasive plants are removed and these areas restored to a natural state. Contact Katya Yushmanova for more information.

    Maureen Benzon will be running 2 “Go With The Flow” trips this year in the Gulf Islands. These are great opportunities for you to practice your moving water skills with a great trip leader. Registrations open March 2 at noon.

    We are continuing in 2020 with our club program to mentor and develop aspiring trip leaders. Our senior club members are making room on their trips this season for paddlers ready to upgrade from being a good trip participant to being a good trip leader. Open your horizons to all that paddling has to offer and join our trip leaders team.

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