Reply To: Currents Gorge Harbour – Cortes Island

Heather Harbord

As for the Gorge entrance, if the paddlers are worried, paddle in on a flood, paddle out on an ebb, avoid large tides. Yes, currents can run up to 5 knots max, but there’s no big whirlpools or standing waves and I always could find back eddies to help me if padding against the flow.


Of course the waves thrown by yachts using this busy channel could be a danger while you’re paddling the inshore eddies.


Navionics has tides for Whaletown and the Gorge. Always fun to check the height difference which drives the currents at the entrance to the Gorge.


Mike Moore, former Captain of Misty Isles

I asked Mike about this question because he has lived on Cortes for several decades and is a former Navigation Officer with the Coast Guard, a commercial diver and sea kayak guide.

So, check the tide levels at Whaletown and the Gorge and plan to paddle in on the flood and out on the ebb.