Reply To: Greenland Rolling Courses, Advisory Notice

Mike Verkerk

Hey Bob,

I’m a beginner at rolling, I can roll up most of the time on my strong side.

I attended a Greenland course with James at Deep Cove in June this year.

There was plenty of theory that translates to rolling in general whether done with a Euro or Greenland paddle.

Our focus for the day was learning the butterfly roll ( in reverse, then as a complete roll.

Its true that some rolls are much easier to learn and perform in a Greenland kayak.   Getting a balance brace in his greenland boat helped me ‘feel’ what to do right in my boat….still working on it in my boat…but I know I can do it with practice.

From that clinic, I’m more relaxed through the movements. I re-outfitted my cockpit and can roll with less effort than before.