Reply To: Perimeter Deck Lines are in need of repair

Ted Lam

Hi Carole,

Just to add a touch,

Please check with Coast outdoor if they have reflective deck line in, it is better to see your boat in the dark than the just black color. I checked with them twice in the winter but they ran out.

If you need this idea, buy a few feet of black nylon tube, 5/16 diameter, i found it in Canadian tire, automobile section. Slide each chunks in to the rope where your self rescue hand can grap, usually 4 locations around cockpit, along the side of the boat.

Last, if you don’t have help, use a small pair of vise grip, pull hard and clamp the rope (just use enough force so you don’t damage the rope) at the loop before the last loop so when you tight the end rope, it does not get too loose after all.

Last, last, if you still need to show you, i can come, but it has to be the first week of May.

PS. i have a same boat as you have, in white. It found me, i never know how good it was until i went all the way to Nanaimo to buy it. Love it very much like a trophy.