Reply To: pitt lake and Coquitlam lake

Cameron Redenbach

Hi Sandra

I have paddled Pitt lake a number of times and it’s a great place. As with any long lake it can have high winds which seems the normal. As well Pitt lake is one of the largest tidal lakes so current is present at the mouth of Pitt river

Checked 2 weeks ago and the water was way down so tide makes a huge difference visiting the Marsh area. Compared to last year the water was so high it was amazing

But my only warning is power boaters if you are not going into the marsh. I unfortunately have little respect for cabin owners and power boaters in that area. Had a very negative experience with power boaters stopping at landings to letting dogs pee and poop off leash. And having to chase dogs away from doing this on the corners of the tent just no morals.
As well many of the marine parks are littered with trash from power boaters. But we did see a poor parks operator doing maintenance and cleaning up litter.

But a amazing area if the water is really high and you can explore all of the marsh