Reply To: Apodaca – v small volunteer work party 27 Feb

Nick Heath

Thanks to the fine efforts of Kapila and Cam and to good weather, we completed the gathering up and burning of the numerous brush clippings left after cutting out the trail. This also took care of any unspent funds in the Park Enhancement Fund (licence plate) grant we received for it.  Nothing further is planned for now. I want BC Parks to take a look themselves and then I’ll try again to persuade them that we/they should continue to develop the paddle-in campsite as they originally planned back in 1984.

Not to worry, they’ve only managed this park for 63 years so far after it was generously donated to the Province in 1953, so I guess folks should be more patient!

(Let this be a salutary message to those of us who donate money for parks acquisition and then expect to be able to use that Park within our own lifetimes!)