Reply To: Which White gel coat to use for kayak repair

Ted Lam

Hi Cynthia,

This is Ted, met you on the New Castle Island trip.
For the white gel coat, I would recommend the  Fiber Teck one, small can 250 ml, white waxed (for polishing after) and the hardener at the Boundary road store, Burnaby. First, don’t mix hardener yet,  check for colour match, if your boat colour is a little off, mix with yellow paint, one drop at a time until you satisfied. Don’t worry when you test, gel coat with out hardener is just like mud, you can wipe it off easily, it only dries up and hardened after you mix the hardener depending the amount and air temperature. It’s smell is quite awful so you need to work where there is good air flow. At the first time, everybody always does with clumsiness, I suggest you do a dry test on something first. Prepare for latex gloves, a few small disposable cups for mixing, brushes, Acetone. Remember to clean and rub the area good before applying gel coat. I have done this many times for my white Nimbus Telkwa, as a matter of fact, last month, I added a thick line of gel coat under the bow and stern of my two boats instead using the keel strip, it is hard as rock. If you need more help, please let me know. My number is 778-939-6423 – Good luck.