Reply To: Season End Paddle

Nick Heath

Well here’s my take on the above…

I’m willing to lead a Harrison R trip (official or unofficial) on Sun 18 Oct. However, there will  be no carpooling for the shuttle unless there are those who can share rides with others from within their domestic ‘bubbles’. We’ll keep our distance…

Instead, it involves we hardy paddlers cycling back to Harrison Hot Springs from the take-out at Kilby. You must be willing to lock up and leave at Kilby (on the way to the launch site) a bike that is serviceable, but not too attractive to thieves. Your bike(s) must sit in or on your car as well as your kayak(s).

After the paddle, just unlock your bike and cycle with me 22 km. Google  promises that this takes 1 hr 11 min!   About half of this distance is unfortunately along busy Highway 7, over the big hill at Mt Woodside which rises 104 m, but other parts are quite level and are on attractive, smaller roads.

This is usually a fairly easy, even leisurely paddle. However, because of the bike ride, we would need to start and finish early so that darkness does not complicate matters.

I’d limit the trip to about 8 max. If there were a couple that were willing to drive 2 cars and complete the shuttle by vehicle instead of by bike, they might offer backup for unforeseen cycling mishaps or breakdowns.

I  ran this route several times many year ago, but have not actually cycled it. Perhaps I’m spouting baloney?

If not, is there interest?

Spawning salmon and other wildlife are commonly seen, and, as many members will confirm, it is a lovely trip in Fall.