Reply To: Bain Creek Outhouse Construction

Nick Heath

Thanks to you wonderful SKABC volunteers, the Bain Ck mouldering toilet is now complete Рwell,  actually more-or-less complete except for signage and some minor stuff. It has also been initiated in its mouldering functions and compost should be all that remains in a year or two.

Steve and I were able to avoid getting too close to each other, drove in separate cars, sat at opposite ends of my 5.5 m boat and, if he worked outside, I worked inside, so I don’t think we were too irresponsible in making two work visits in the past couple of weeks.

However, as soon as we finished it, we closed it again under instructions from RSTBC – all their Rec Sites are now closed to overnight use and the facilities at each¬† are closed to users. When the pandemic restrictions are lifted, I’ll be interested in seeing if this quiet tucked away site gets more use and if our lovely outhouse performs well.

It was never difficult getting volunteers, even though the days were often long,

[caption id="attachment_18275" align="alignnone" width="225"] Bain Ck toilet – finally finished![/caption]

due to the relative remoteness. It makes me proud to be a SKABC member. Pat yourselves on the back! (Stay safe and healthy – so no group hugging please!)