Reply To: 2020 – Trips Launch

Allan Edwin

Hi Theresa — Some clubs plan their entire season out ahead of time, listing what trips will be run on which dates — even if there are no leaders to run those trips. It’s a good strategy if you’re a tour operator or just focused on booking dates. It’s not what we do though.

A fundamental goal for the club is to encourage more paddling. To get more trips, means we need more trip leaders. That is why our trip leaders have agreed to mentor co-leaders on trips this year, to grow the pool. If you are willing to be mentored, we can find a leader for your trip and dates. Then next time, you can run a trip without having to wait for one to be posted.

It is a lot of work and planning to herd paddlers into line, but the rewards can be great when you get a group of folk who just click.

So, let’s see who is ready to step up, organize a trip, and learn how to be a trip leader.