Reply To: 2020 – Trips Launch

Theresa Davies

I notice there are very few trips- actually, only 3 posted, Desolation Sound, Broken Group and Newcastle in fall. I would like to find out why- as I’m pretty sure there are more trips happening.  I would also like to propose we compile a list of people who would like to do multi-day trips and where they would like to go. One summer I did 7 multi-days and would like to do at least 3-4 this summer.  Unfortunately, I was away for the short notice trip planning meeting and I haven’t seen another one posted. I have enjoyed 25+ multi day trips so far and would like to continue.

I am available May up to 16th, all of June, all of July up to the 20th and August up to the 15th. I have been to and would like to go again to Ross Lake, Deer Group, Rugged Point, Broken Group, Desolation, Howe Sound, Clayquot, to name a few. Also, if there is space on a Haida Gwaii trip, I’ve been in 2001 and would love to do it again.

If you have the appropriate gear and training and and are interested in getting together to plan, let me know.