Reply To: Bain Ck Toilet construction

Nick Heath

Call for volunteers for tomorrow Sat 19 th Oct. Likely start 08:30 Porteau Cove. Pickup en route possible.

Conditions are predicted to be wet, but not quite the deluge of the past few days.

Last Monday (Thanksgiving) we had a full crew of 4 working on the soakaway pit and filled it with gravel, putting up a big tap. moving most materials up to the site from the camp area and cutting and installing wire mesh under the floor to keep animals out. We’ll finish the wire work next and then put in the floor. After that, we can start to add walls and eventually we’ll have a building of sorts. Lots of experience and enthusiasm in Monday’s crew – Cynthia Kennedy, Kevin Hall, Steve Best and me. Thank you, all!

Only let me know if you can come.


No work party on Sunday – Conservation trip instead!

Next week there won’t be another work party until maybe Thu or Fri.