Reply To: Harrison River – October 26

Allan Edwin

Good evening everyone,

We are only a few weekends away now. We have had some paddlers drop out, so there are still some spots available if you still want to sign up.

As we have 40 paddlers participating, we have split the pool into 4 pods: A, B, C, and D. Our pod leaders and safety paddlers are:

A – Kapila Jayaweera, Ted Lam, Stephen Tarrant
B – Cynthia Rose Lee, Vincent Law, Avaleigh Neill
C – Scott Tebbutt, Jayne Hardy, Sarah Cummins
D – Martin Feuchtwanger, George Prevost, Allan Edwin

Emails should have gone out today to everyone from your pod leaders. First, so you know which pod you are in and who your pod leader is. Second, to request some additional information for the float plan:

– Emergency Contact and Phone #
– Your vehicle + plate / carpool info
– Medical info – ICE

This last one is In Case of Emergency. You do not have to post it publicly. Email your information to myself or your Pod leader. If you don’t know what pod you’re in, please let me know.

I am going to be scouting the route this coming Saturday. This is an unofficial paddle, and anyone is welcome. As far as I know, the following are planning to come along: George Prevost, Martin Feuchtwanger, and Ted Lam. We are going to meet up at Harrison Lake at 9 am on Saturday. If you would like to tag along, please email me or post here.