Reply To: Harrison River – October 26

Allan Edwin

Hello everyone!

We now have a ride for Cynthia. Anyone else needing a ride, please post here. It would be great if we can get the carpools and shuttles sorted out early so no one is left out.

Kilby Provincial Park campground is open year round. I am planning to camp there for the weekend. Let me know if you’re coming out too.

As we have such a large group (40 paddlers!), I am splitting everyone up into 4 pods: A, B, C, and D. We can’t crowd the parking lot and beach, so the pods will be launching in staggered fashion. Each pod will have a leader and 2 safety paddlers. If you are would like to help as a safety paddler, please post here.

If you are a new paddler and want an experienced paddling buddy, please let us know.