Reply To: Overnight parking Salt Spring

Nick Heath

I was recently at Arbutus Rd (and for that reason it is now on the BC Marine Trails map – previosuly no-one had checked this launch site). Last year I was at the Southey Pt launch site across the narrow bay. Of these two, Arbutus Rd definitely has more parking.

Throughout the Gulf Is, many road-ends have a mass-produced official signs saying “No camping or overnight parking”. No doubt with the preponderance of campers on wheels there is little to distinguish between these 2 different activities. This is complaint-driven, so one takes a chance if such a notice is posted, but a small respectfully parked vehicle might be tolerated, depending on who lives in that neighbourhood and how grumpy they are.

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t recall and did not record the signage posted at either of these sitse and will need to go back to check. Certainty there are several sites around SSI that lack any such signage, but the regional district might nevertheless have over-riding by-laws that put time limits on all roadside parking.