Reply To: Camping on Tent Island

Yekaterina Yushmanova

Hi Stan, we were there July long weekend. The west beach where we planned to stop was a party town and we had to skip that altogether. East campsite is nice has a picnic table and an outhouse but has a large No Trespassing sign posted by Penelakut band also. I am embarrassed  to admit but we ended up sleeping there one night as our 4 yo was done with his kayaking for the day. Nobody came by to kick us out or to collect a fee. It wasn’t very relaxing though as we were basically camping under the sign. If you manage to get a hold of the band you can check on what the rules are, I was not able to locate a number for the band office. I would also not recommend collecting oysters without the permission from the band. We moved to Chivers Point on Wallace island the next day and it was beautiful and not crowded even on the long weekend. We hiked to Cabin Bay and it looked like an amazing spot and was empty. Outhouse and tent pads at Chivers and just two tend pads and solitude at Cabin bay. Hope this helps!