Reply To: Twin Islands Camping question

Heather Harbord

I gather these Twin Islands are the ones  near Belcarra.  However, there is another set of Twin Islands off the coast of Cortes Island in the northern part of the Strait of Georgia. They are where the Queen used to stay when she took a day off on her tours of BC.  However, her German cousin who owned them, sold them to Mark Torrance from Seattle. He does NOT want people camping on the islands and has remote cameras hidden all over the islands so that the caretaker can keep an eye on what is happening. They make a nice day paddle from the Copeland Islands just north of Lund. Sometimes groups can stay at the big lodge for a price. I once stayed there as part of a Misty Isles Adventures trip so I know it is well set up and pricey.  Torrance has his own power system run from solar panels and also his own internet which he sells to people on Savary and Cortes. It’s called twincom.