Reply To: Kyuquot Sound

Yekaterina Yushmanova

Just came back from there. You can camp on Spring Is at the West Coast Expedition’s site (on the north side of the island), they won’t be using it until June. There is a sign at the site asking for a donation if you are staying there. I recommend taking the water taxi out as the inlet is a bit of slog and if winds blow up it will be too much for a beginner. If you get calm weather, the Mission group is lovely.

No wildlife warnings at Rugged as of Saturday. We stayed at the South beach and hiked to the North one – very easy short hike. While protected from the SE, the north beach is very exposed to northerlies and was actually quite rough when we went there. I wouldn’t recommend crossing the Kyuquot channel with a beginner to get there.

The estuary around Fair Harbour is pretty and sheltered but is a very short paddle.

Feel free to text or call if you want any more details)

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