Reply To: Considering buying a Delta 17' kayak

Quirine Schuyff

I own a Delta 17. The biggest factor for me was the weight. I wanted something I can lift on my own.I can’t afford kevlar so…..

It isn’t super fast, and doesn’t turn easily or quickly. It is very stable and I actually have a hard time edging in it, which could just mean I need more practice.  One thing I read in reviews, and agree with is: it feels wobbly and unstable in following seas.

Lots of space but I was actually surprised how quickly I filled it for a 4 day solo trip I did. (I did bring too much food and wine, and drinking water.)

The cockpit is huge and I definitely have too much room at the sides. I bought the hip pads but haven’t installed them yet. Western did warn me that they thought the cockpit was too big for me but I like the extra space so I can move my legs and hips around.  The day hatch takes up a remarkable amount of space in the cockpit for the size it is. It is very handy though.

I had an issue with my day hatch being leaky, that they fixed.

If you would ever like to give it a try for an hour, a couple of hours or a day, I can meet you at Jericho.