Reply To: SKABC use of funds

Nick Heath

RMSAR seems like a good cause and running boats that cost $0.75M apiece can’t come cheaply, but my preference is to apply our funds specifically to the pursuit of kayak touring and ocean-based coastal recreation by small boat users. I’m talking, of course, of marine-access campsites.  We have many needs for modest funding to set up sites so that they are acceptable for short-stay camping.  For instance, Howe Sound has 7 overnight sites that lack any toilet at all. Apodaca Provincial Park on Bowen I remains virtually unused because there are no tent pads and no toilet there. We can fix this and benefit our sport! I think this could also be a draw for new members, particularly if the club also agrees to take on some active stewardship role for the sites in Howe Sound. Both BC Parks and MFLNRO are crying out for this kind of assistance from partner groups.  Other sports enthusiasts (e.g. mountain bike community) do this stuff all the time.