Reply To: skabc needs more trips

Reed Clarke

Couple of thoughts here. Hey, it’s a miserable, wet day. I’ve been out once, which was more than enough. So, I may as well hunker down over the keyboard.

Sliding. Nope, not suggesting taking kayaks to a water theme park. Talking about sliding outings from one day to the next or week to week. Karin has done it with the Harrison River trip. Why not make this more of an option?

We only have a certain number of day-outings available. The weather isn’t always going to cooperate. So, if the leader is willing, why not move weathered-out day trips to another day and post a notice in the forums? This may lose a few participants who aren’t available on the new date, but it could gain a few who are.

One night stands. Saturday night fever. Camps with a big glittering globe hanging from the tree and a light show? No, I’m talking about weekend camps. By my count, it looks like we did exactly one of those this year. Is this because no one wants to boogie on Saturday nights? I can’t believe all the working poor in the club would rather sit inside watching Star Trek re-runs than getting out for a camp under the stars.

Alouette Lake, Pitt Lake, Indian Arm, Howe Sound, Sechelt Inlet, lower Jervis Inlet and the Gulf Islands, all have weekend camping opportunities. And, again, if the weather isn’t cooperating on the designated weekend, slide it over to the next one. Seems to me, there should be any number of people wanting to do this kind of outing as a stepping stone to bigger trips.

Okay, that’s my rainy-day two bits worth.