Reply To: Gulf Islands Trip Planning

Peter Tutak


Thanks for the response on this, I appreciate it. Right now it looks like we’ll be on Cabbage on Tuesday night, and Narvaez Bay on Wednesday. I hope that’s sufficient space from the revelers !

Your comment noted about East Point. Question – I’m assuming it’s equally turbulent on flood and ebb ? If I can, I’ll take East Point at slack, if possible, since the paddle to Narvaez isn’t long at all.

May I ask what model VHF do you use ? Reason I ask is that I rely on mobile coverage for weather, tide info, and smart-app GPS, but in a sparse area, I need to really consider a radio.

Last question – the winery – where is it ? Lyall Harbor ? I’m planning a stop at Winter Cove for lunch, but can always change that for a worthwhile reason.

Many, many thanks. I appreciate the tips and recommendations based on your experience in this section of the Salish.