Reply To: Gulf Islands Trip Planning

Peter Tutak


Karin and Nick-

Thank you both for your informative replies. Based on what you’ve provided me, I’ve decided on a short-distance two-night route from Bennett Bay to Cabbage Island (1st night) and from there to Narvaez Bay (2nd night). From Narvaez, back to Bennett along the┬ásouth side of Saturna, and through Georgeson Passage. The distances are relatively short, apart from the third day, which I want to time based on flow and current charts.

I wanted to ask – is mobile coverage in the Gulf Islands as sparse and undependable as it is the in the San Juans ? In the SJs, coverage is mainly possible in towns like Eastsound and Friday Harbor. Out on the water, or off on the islands it’s nil. I was hoping that with the Gulf Islands’ somewhat more hilly topology, the coverage might be a little better.

Thanks !