Reply To: Gulf Islands Trip Planning

Peter Tutak


Karin and Nick-

Thank you both for your informative replies. Based on what you’ve provided me, I’ve decided on a short-distance two-night route from Bennett Bay to Cabbage Island (1st night) and from there to Narvaez Bay (2nd night). From Narvaez, back to Bennett along the south side of Saturna, and through Georgeson Passage. The distances are relatively short, apart from the third day, which I want to time based on flow and current charts.

I wanted to ask – is mobile coverage in the Gulf Islands as sparse and undependable as it is the in the San Juans ? In the SJs, coverage is mainly possible in towns like Eastsound and Friday Harbor. Out on the water, or off on the islands it’s nil. I was hoping that with the Gulf Islands’ somewhat more hilly topology, the coverage might be a little better.

Thanks !