Reply To: Gulf Islands Trip Planning

Peter Tutak

Nick and Karin-

Thanks very much for your considerate and informative replies. I’ll check out the links you’ve both provided. A lot of the information I have is dated (i.e. the Snowden books), although I do have updated tide and current charts for the area, so understanding what’s available for kayak camping is indeed welcome.

Karin, I do paddle the San Juans, and have been out to Cypress, Strawberry, Doe, Sucia, Patos, Stuart, Henry, and Jones Islands. Channel crossings are fun, but I want to be close in on this trip, so ‘less challenging’ is good, at least this time. We’re staying at Mayne Island Resort, which is pretty close to Bennett Bay, and a great place to both, start and recover from. We’re also going to try to stay one night at the Fairmont in Vancouver on the way back, but I have to call them and see if their valet parking can ensure the safety of a Volvo wagon with a 22′ boat strapped atop. 😉

Nick, I made a mistake – it’s Village Bay I’d be ferrying to from Tswawassen, not Miner’s Bay (I haven’t been up there in a while ;).

And yes, I joined SKABC because I’m interested in doing more paddling in your waters, and I’m also interested in working on some volunteer cleanup/work party activities up there, much the same as I do down here as a member of the Washington Water Trails Association. I have no problem making the trip up there to help. So, hopefully, we’ll have a change to meet before long.

I may have a few more questions eventually, but for now I’ll dig into the information you’ve provided. Thanks again !