Rescue Practice Session – August 1, 2021

When: August 1, 2021 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

SKABC guidelines recommend trip participants undertake regular (at least yearly) practice of wet-exits and self- and assisted-rescues. Such activities, although perhaps a little  daunting to novices and even experienced sea-kayakers who prefer to refrain from being  upside down in water, can be very beneficial in promoting confidence, building skills, and
friendships, and may even be fun! With these in mind, SKABC is offering half-day  opportunities to demonstrate and practice basic rescues.


  • Blackie’s Spit – Don’t park in the first parking (on your right) as you enter the park, continue until you find parking in front of the water.

Potential Hazards:  Wet clothing, damaged pride, and fun!

Maximum number of participants:  8 (please sign up by Friday July 30!)

Required Paddling Skills/Gear:  
Basic skills and sense of humour, clothing suitable for immersion (plus spare dry set); hot & cold drinks and lunch.

Leadership Style:  Safety first


  Blackie Spit Park
  Surrey, BC
Signed up:
  • Cyrus Janfada
  • Roberto Dominguez
  • Stuart McIntyre
  • Enoth Li

Spaces Available: 4

Sign up:

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