Beginner’s Course

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2 Responses to Beginner’s Course

  1. Gunilla Oberg says:

    I would like to join this course, if possible. I bought myself a kayak a month ago – and have been going on day-trips two to three times a week since I bought it. I have been paddling now and then in borrowed or rented kayaks since I was a child but I have never taken any lessons. I would love to join this course. I am particularly interested in route planning and navigation techniques. I know how to read a map (orienteering) but have only looked over the shoulder on sea charts… I would also like to know more about equipment care. I feel rather fumbly and not sure what’s important and not.
    My phone number is 604 306 9900.

  2. Stuart McIntyre says:

    Hi, my name is Stuart, Stu, McIntyre. I arrived in Vancouver about four weeks ago and would love to join you guys in any training and any paddles you think suitable. I havent kayaked for a year more, really due to Covid..
    I haven’t had any formal training, but I did enter the Devizes to Westminster canoe race and completed 76 miles.
    However, since then I’ve done very little fitness etc.
    I think it would make sense for me to join the beginners session and learn to roll as I’ve done this formally.
    If you get any cancellations I can join you at short notice, but I don’t have a kayak yet, so would need to rent / borrow one for the session. My cell number is 6043765303.
    Thanks very much. Stu

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