Annual General Meeting

When: November 1, 2021 from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Election of club officers, reports, awards, and guest speakers Steve Best and Mike McHolm with an update on SKABC’s Howe Sound Marine Trail sites.

Updates: If you missed the AGM, you can watch it here

The agenda and reports are available here: AGM Agenda and Reports

Thank you to the following Club Officers who were elected to the Executive at this meeting:

New volunteers

Safety Officer – Helen Beer
Communications – Gunilla Oberg and Ian Freemantle
Outreach and Promotions Assistant – Jody Baker
Assistant Webmaster – Roberto Dominguez
Membership Committee – Josephine Kovacs and Don Osborne
Workshop Coordinator – Kelly Robertson

Officers standing for reelection (* denotes director)

George Prevost* – President
John Leung* – Vice President
Philip Kubik* – Secretary
Nick Heath* – Treasurer
Mary Yee – Treasurer
Kevin Hall* – Programs
Chantal Ethier* – Training
Enoth Hei Ho Li – Membership Officer
Clark Perry-Bater – Outreach and Promotions
Deb Merchant* – Conservation
Kapila Jayaweera – Conservation
Steve Best* – Howe Sound Site Steward
Lorraine Sharpsteen – Library
Jayne Hardy – Social
Quirine Schuyff – Social
Darlene Brown – Social
Susan Jensen* – Webmaster
Mike McHolm – Social Media
Sue Johnson – Member at large

Note: Trips will be organized by committee with George P and Susan J

This meeting was open to members only and registration was required (see below).

Note from Zoom: Starting Nov. 1, 2021, customers will need to update their Zoom client to ensure their software is no more than nine months behind the current version before using the platform.

Signed up:
  • Susan Jensen
  • John Leung
  • Sue Johnson
  • R.W. Rick Redmond
  • Philip Kubik
  • George Prevost
  • Jody Chan
  • Paulina Baez
  • Nick Heath
  • Roberto Dominguez
  • Thom Harvey Kline
  • Catriona Eigenfeldt
  • Helen Beer
  • Karin Hartner
  • Sarka Lhotak
  • John Halliday
  • Joel Baker
  • Debra Merchant
  • Chris Fleming
  • Don Osborne
  • Darlene Heath
  • Mike McHolm
  • Colleen Cole
  • Jayne Hardy
  • Ian Freemantle
  • Allan Edwin
  • Kevin Hall
  • Lorraine Sharpsteen
  • Jennifer Illsley-Hall
  • Doug Williams
  • Scott Tebbutt
  • Rob Leitch
  • Claire Lynch
  • Steve Best
  • Kelly Robertson
  • Maureen Benzon
  • Calvin Sam
  • Ken Bigelow
  • Nicole Beissner
  • Enoth-H-H Li
  • Tara Smyth
  • Kevin Amos
  • Helen Roberts
  • Chantal Ethier
  • Richard Merchant
  • Katherine Romses
  • Marina Gilson
  • Gunilla Oberg
  • Wayne Gooch
  • Libby Covernton
  • Kapila Jayaweera
  • Susan and Duane Servos-Sept
  • Trudie Vanderburg
  • Phyllis Mallett
  • Andrew Richardson
  • Joe Barnwell
  • Christoph Reiners
  • Josephine Kovacs
  • Yekaterina Yushmanova

Spaces Available: 141 (Note that a negative number indicates the number of people on the waitlist)

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