Strokes and Rescues Course 2017


On Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th we held a Strokes and Rescues course at Belcarra Regional Park (Sasamat Lake (White Pine Beach)). We had the good fortune of AMAZING weather and warm water. We had a wonderful crew of participants lead by experienced and skills instructors.


  • John Truchan
  • Iveta Janot
  • Jack
  • Bernadette Mung
  • Karen
  • Marc Spiess
  • Nicole Brass


  • George Prevost
  • Philip Kubick

In this course we learned and practiced:

  • Techniques for efficient forward paddling
  • Reverse paddling
  • A variety of steering and maneuvering strokes
  • A variety of bracing techniques
  • Edging
  • A variety of towing methods
  • A variety of self-rescue and assisted rescue techniques

Course Format:
Two-day weekend course

Would you like to take this course? Contact our training group by email at for more information or check out our Course Schedule for upcoming classes.