Reply To: New Member looking to join conservation and kayak trips

Kallie Cunningham

Welcome Akhil,

I am the training coordinator. You should have received an email from me or when you registered for the Beginner’s Course. You have also now heard by Cynthia Materi, the lead instructor.

Unfortuneately the Boat Handling and Rescues course filled up in the last two days. But if you are interested in this or any other course that is full, just send me a note requesting to be on the waitlist.  A number of clinics and a first aid course are being added over the next week or two. They are noted on the course page, but details haven’t been posted. The general forum will be used to alert members when details are available and when registration will open. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly.

PS – After the shoreline paddle the Spring Fling event is being held at Cates Park. Check out the website and register if you  would like to meet members.