Reply To: Portable Marine VHF radios

Daniel Del Vecchio

radio with DSC.  The utility of DSC for emergency communication was persuasive.I have found the GPS useful for very simple navigation.  i.e. crossing howe sound in limited vis and wanting to make a specific landing.  The GPS does not replace a real GPS for multi-way point navigation.

*** i would halfway agree. DSC is useful… if you can reach another radio. Most marine radio aboard big boats are 25w and have a much higher antenna. The issue we have is we are near the water and depending how much power is left on our battery we may not be able to push much. If you can’t connect to a DSC system your SOS is not that useful. That’s why i went with a marine VHf and mine garmin. It use satellite and get GPS. So i’m sure when i push that sos someone will hear me. Also having 2 devices is a back up and doesn’t use  all the battery life. To many whistles can drain one devices


DSC sends extra info to CC.  ROC made it clear that CC values this.  DSC also sends useful info to your buddy (i.e. location) without you having to figure it out.  Also useful.PS.  I also strongly recommend you complete your ROC, even if you did it before.  Its a skill you want to be good at if you ever have an emergency.

** i agree ROC is highly recommended sadly is expensive. That’s why i try to offer better $$ for kayakers. I have my radio on all the time, even were part of a mayday relay. Don’t underestimate the value of VHF marine