Reply To: Portable Marine VHF radios

Daniel Del Vecchio

Sorry Daniel but as a tech I have to say yours is a rather unqualified opinion and resembles misinformation, so I feel the need to clarify for the OP.

*** not sure what kind of tech you are but as an amateur radio and instructor of VHF marine radio i believe i am pretty qualified and would say your  Statement is very offensive.

“USB rechargeable” isn’t a battery type its a means of charging
** i am aware it’s a charging solution. It is why  as i explain my recommendations are to use that system instead of depending on variable battery

Various battery chemistries come in AA and AAA form factors including rechargeable lithium. Your claims about power output are misinformed.

*** maybe Mister tech here should read more before accusing  other of mis information:

The AA Batteries and Your Radio

différent batteries will effect performance and even some radio will automatically decrease their power is they have AA. So when i try to make to make an emergency call facing a 3w transmit vs a 5 w or even 6 w can make a difference between getting help vs not been heard. I have AA pack for all my radio….. as a backup but not as my main. 1 is  none and 2 is one. i would challenge anyone to use their AA pack vs a normal battery during an emergency when you will used a lot of power because of transmission


Removable batteries are preferable for people who depend on kit in rugged conditions because they are more operable resilient and easy to replace or carry spares. Also they are better for the environment because the equipment doesn’t age out with the volatile internal cell
*** oh really, so you mean that the AA battery you carry outside your bag won’t be affected by the weather?? Anyone that has spend time in the outdoor can attest how the performance of their headlamp can be affected by the cold. So now imagine a device that is made to work on 12v mainly that you feed with AA batteries?? What you think will happe. To the 1-2 pack of battery you carry in your gear getting submitted to the same tempera then your radio. Not only that we live in an environment where we are surrounded by sea water… corrosive sea water. Marine radio are built to keep their battery back protected but frer AA battery not as much. Dry bag can fail.You really want to bet your life on it?? Vs as i said many people carrying many banks or way to recharge  via usb. It’s call having a backup plan. Plus as i mentioned a phone can also been a tool that can save your life. Where the usb bank also help. Maybe as a tech you should spend more time in the field and less behind a computer.