Reply To: Real Seriously Rough Water Self Rescue Practice: for discussion

Mike Gilbert

My thoughts:
1.  The members of SKABC do not need to practice in rough water as proposed.   Very few are skilled enough to be on the water in conditions requiring immediate action by Coast Guard.  Why would you want to be out there in the first place?
2.   It is very doubtful the Coast Guard would consider being included in such a practice.
3.  You do not need to wait for storm warnings or big winds.  The waters off Lighthouse Park and / or Porteau Cove are known for their afternoon winds and higher sea state.  Just use what you find.  They will almost always be bigger than anything the club’s members normally practice in for doing wet exits and re-entries.
4.   If a club function be sure the lead instructor and any assistants have practiced and are confident in doing solo and assisted re-entires in bigger conditions and know what they are doing.  Otherwise there is huge risk to people getting hurt.
5.  Why would you look to bring someone like Gordon Brown over from the Island to do this when there are as capable instructors right here in the Lower Mainland?