Reply To: 22 BC Nautical Charts for $30

Nick Heath

In response to Helen’s question, SKABC had a set of charts for a few years. It was not a complete set, nor up to date, but covered many key areas and the detailed catalogue was displayed on our web site. Members could request a chart and pick it up at the following monthly meeting. However, there was nowhere suitable for storing them and the then Exec decided that they should be sold, which was done. t seems a shame to me that we couldn’t manage these charts better as a service to members.

If any member wants an (older) electronic raster chart I can probably find the right one for you  and send it along – just ask. There is free s/w available for planning, setting routes, uploading GPS tracks etc and printing them. I can also print to a .pdf document if that could be useful, but these will not print easily as full size – best limited to a smallish area.