Reply To: mid-July extended paddle – anyone interested?

Clark Perry-Bater

G’day Sam and Ben! My name is Clark. I won’t be able to paddle with you, as I injured my right shoulder on a SKABC paddle last fall. Since I’m not able to do any extended paddling right now, you and Ben would be welcome to borrow my and my wife’s Kevlar ocean kayaks (17.5 and 16.5 foot lengths) if you want to paddle anywhere around Vancouver or the Gulf Islands (you can get to the islands on a ferry without a vehicle by wheeling them by hand loaded with your gear on wheels that I can provide). The Gulf Islands aren’t as wild and challenging as the destinations you mentioned, but I have enjoyed many week-long trips through the archipelago (Saltspring, Penders, Saturna, Galiano, Mayne and smaller islands.) If you’re interested, we can do a Zoom call and I can show you the kayaks.
Bye for now, Clark