Reply To: Sechelt inlet

John Leung

I generally wouldn’t worry too much about current. Only two spot to worry about:

1. The Skookumchuck Narrows.  People who goes there are “usually” people who do white water kayaking (different kind of kayak) playing with the strong current.  Goverment publish current info only at that narrows (Sechelt Rapids in the Tide and Current Table Volume 5

2. The Tzoonie Narrows (if you paddle that far).  There are no official current info at that narrows, but some guide books do mention that the narrow section can get up to 4 knots.

Don’t know your experience level, for most people, wind is probably the major factor.  Especially at the junction where Salmon Inlet and Sechelt Inlet meet.  Water there can get more choppy when thermo winds from the two inlet meet.