Reply To: Apodaca camping

Nick Heath

There is no problem with landing a kayak and finding a place to camp, but please no fires and avoid the bluff area – just stick to the area near the top of the access trail. The site in not (yet) an official campsite but that process is in the works and then SKABC will build 4 tent platforms, and Bc PArks will put in a toilet, all assuming that the neighbouring 3 First Nations (site co-managers with BC Parks,  effectively) have no objection. Fingers crossed!

More or less all potential sites in Howe Sd have been scoped by BCMT. The more marginal of these or those on private land are not displayed publicly on the BCMT map, but are on a restricted ‘Planning Layer’.  I could talk with you about your plan and maybe save you some of the grind, especially concerning the finding ownership status of some sites, which can be hard to figure out. My number is in the SKABC member directory.

If you keen to check sites in other areas, this could be of great assistance!