Reply To: Lord Byng pool

Philip Kubik

Hello Mike,

The information about boat length and kayaks is only provided after you complete the registration process and pay. It is on the receipt. Admittedly, a strange process. Here is what the receipt states:

“Up to 10 individuals can bring their own kayaks to practice skills in an indoor pool. Individuals to supply and use their own equipment kayak or canoe (Must be under 15 feet in length), helmet, PFD, paddle and any other equipment they will use. Safety gear must be used when in the pool.

This is a self-directed activity. All participants will maintain a safe distance from other kayaks, and use all due care. Please note that the pool deck is a wet environment and carrying heavy items on the pool deck may result in slipping and possible injury. Also note that impact with other kayakers, the pool perimeter walls or other fixtures within the pool area can result in injury or damage to personal equipment. Helmets must be worn at all times while in the pool basin area.”