Reply To: Haida gwaii

Steve Best

Hi Sandra,

I am the Haida Gwaii Region Manager for BC Marine Trails. I echo what George and Tony have said. The east coast of Gwaii Haanas Park Reserve north of Kunghit Island is within the capabilities of intermediate paddlers. Please note that an orientation is required before paddling in Gwaii Haanas. The best guidebook is Neil Frazer’s Boat Camping Haida Gwaii, A Small-Vessel Guide, Second Edition.

I paddled the east side of Gwaii Haanas with two friends in 2019, from the north park boundary to Burnaby Narrows, eleven days, dropped off and picked up by Moresby Explorers. Highly recommended. Looking forward to paddling the southern half, SGang Gwaii to Burnaby Narrows, in the future.

I paddled the west coast of Graham Island solo in 2015, Masset to Queen Charlotte, three weeks; and the west coast of Moresby Island and around Kunghit solo in 2016. Expert only territory.