Reply To: Yuculta rapids

Nick Heath

Hello Alistair,

I believe you are our only UK member. I guess you are planning a big expensive trip for 2022? Let’s hope travel restrictions will allow this to happen.

The triple rapid of the Yucultas is a key part of the Inside Passage route and, although it can be avoided, I consider it to be the preferred route between Johnstone Strait and the Strait of Georgia.

I know of only one current club member, Rick Davies, who has made the N-S transit by kayak. That was many years ago, although little will have changed here in the interim.

I did it in a power boat last year to check sites for overnight stops. This was part of my other volunteer role as Site Data Manager for BC Marine Trail Network Assn. I assume you are familiar with this organization and its web map?

I have  quite a lot of info, which I am v happy to share, so  email me preferably with specific questions, please, at treasurer2   at