Reply To: Interest in a Thormanby Island Trip?

Nick Heath

I’ve been thinking of posting a Thormanby trip, too, but mine might have a different agenda from yours, Nick. I’m keen to check in some depth (‘site assessment’) each likely camping location in Simson Park and not to camp at Buccaneer Bay/Grassy Point along with all the rowdies. I’ve camped at Farm Bay a couple of times and it is nice enough, but folks suggest that Long Bay is even nicer so I’d like to try it out.  There are 2 other sites too, on the E shore. Also I’d like to do some hiking or see how bushed in the old roads/trails have become. I feel that Simson gets neglected by BC Parks and I want to know if my hunch is correct or not. (Basically if it doesn’t have a road, a dock or a sand beach they tend to rarely/never visit). I’ve lobbied BC P without success to put some infrastructure (i.e. toilet) into one of the Simson sites, partly to divert people (paddlers) from Buccaneer Bay. Also  BC P arbitrarily closed the camping at Smuggler Cove about 2 years ago without saying anything, so area capacity is now reduced further. This island is great and deserves more paddler visits!  Of course, other day trips should also involve paddling around the islands, visiting Surrey Its and Smuggler Cv and maybe Secret Cv. I’ve launched from Brooks Rd and from Coopers Green and both are good. Technically, there is no overnight parking at Coopers Green, but I did not have any problem on the one occasion when I parked there for about 5 nights. I’m unclear about what dates I am free in Aug.