Reply To: Fire Ban

Nick Heath

The BC govt press release says ”

In addition to campfires, Category 2, and Category 3 open fires, the following activities are also prohibited:

The use of outdoor stoves or other portable campfire apparatus without a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriter Laboratories of Canada (ULC) rating.

I suspect none of my 3 MSR Whisperlite (white gas/multifuel) stoves has this rating- I still have the packaging for the youngest of these and it says nothing about a CSA or ULC rating. I also have an Isopropane Pocket Rocket stove, and I don’t see any reference on it to safety ratings either, so are these stoves illegal to use or are they on a BC govt or CSA approved list some place that I’m unaware of?

Maybe I just need to suck it up accept a diet of cold raw oatmeal porridge and tea made by dropping my teabag into a cup of cold water?