Nick Heath

Charlie’s Bch is the most used site and it s usage is quite heavy – your neighbours could  be nice gentile paddlers or might be less-than-pleasant boozed-up fishers, who make gobs of noise at 4 am (swearing mostly)  and lots in the late evening (with their generators and loud music) but expect you to be perfectly quiet after 2 pm until nightfall when they stir from deep sleep/sunstroke for a few hours to build an oversized bonfire under the trees, throwing sparks onto your tents. (How do I know this?)

Ewin Inlet Head is the only other site I know of on Bligh, but I have not been there. I imagine it is pleasant enough but unexciting, being at the end of a long inlet. Other sites that I have checked on Bligh might work at Neaps but the beaches would be flooded at Springs.

A nearby good option is Vernaci I in the Spanish Pilot Gp right next door. I can almost guarantee no fishers there. At least the US border is still closed to them for a while longer…although there are more than enough who live in our country, too.

You can check all these sites on the BCMT map.

There has been an ongoing oil spill cleanup at Bligh I from  a sunken barge or small- mid sized boat. I think it some areas might still be heavily boomed. I haven’t heard that any beaches are polluted, but then this type of thing often goes unreported because everyone wants to appear competent even when they fail miserably. Whether BC Parks checks their (our!) park shores on a regular basis, I just don’t know, but my gut tells me they are more likely off doing other things instead.