Reply To: porteau to gambier

Nick Heath

If you go to Ramillies Channel on Gambier there is a bear-proof food locker. Halkett Bay also has them, but Sir Thomas Lipton does not. I have not experienced bears at any of these locations and some Gambier folk say there are none on the island, but I don’t think that is likely or dependable. Take normal precautions and I doubt there will be a problem.

Winds can be a problem but early morning does not necessarily avoid higher winds. The is a diurnal flow which often starts with a strong morning N outflow – the katabatic “Squamish wind”.  Then, some time around 10 am to 12 noon this often reverses to give an adabatic S inflow as the heating of the interior land mass (think of Lillooet) makes its air hot, so up it rises, sucking in a sea breeze so that, far  away in Squamish, the kite-boarders can get their maximum adrenalin rushes at about 3 pm. Nature is so considerate! Paddlers can then take sneaky advantage of tail winds both ways and these are often stronger than the tidal currents, but depending on which way the water is moving wave steepness and height is affected – and wind against current, of course, gives a steeper chop than vice versa.

The area off Porteau and all along Montague Channel (between Anvil I and the E shore of the Sound) is a classic funnel where ‘gap winds’ and accelerated current and hence chop are often the roughest/strongest in Howe Sd.

In unclear where in Anvil you plan on heading but irs few landing beaches have different aspects, so at least one should be sheltered.