Reply To: Paddle-off at Swartz Bay Terminal Questions

Maureen Benzon

Replies above are exactly right. Getting up and down the rocky path will be tricky on your own, especially if it has been raining.

It’s an extra kilometer, but they will come and fetch you at the terminal if requested. Phone Sandy at Pacifica Paddle Sports. For a nominal fee (I don’t remember what, but less than ferry fee) you can launch from their dock directly into Canoe Bay and miss the very busy ferry routes. They will keep your wheels and day clothes for you. If you drive to their dock, parking is included in the launch fee.

Getting onto the ferry is easy. Park and prepare your kayak. Pay bicycle rate and walk through the ticket office. Wait to load with the bikes. The advantage is that you are first on and first off.

It’s a lovely little adventure. Have fun.