Reply To: Gul Juniper dry suit question

Kapila Jayaweera

I really appreciate your comments Maureen, Reed, Cameron and everyone else who emailed me with their opinion.

I received Gul Juniper medium dry suit yesterday. It looks very nice, well build with good materials.

When I look at measurements they recommend medium size though it is very big for my skinny body.  Not a manufacture fault.

Agreed with Cameron’s comments about complications around waist area. It has four layers near waist area with tow flaps create excess material trap inside no place to go. This could be due to my skinny build have no place for extra materials to wrap around. Agreed with Reed and Maureen’s comments about having zipper in the middle. I think zipper in the middle could get in the way when you sit inside the kayak and also potential problem down the road if it start leaking.

After weighing pros and cons with two piece drysuit, now I am convinced one piece would be a better option long run.

Thank you so much for commenting to this topic.