Reply To: Kayak Cooking

Tony Clayton

The Kayak Cuisine weekends began 20 odd years ago and were an outcome of demos that I did at SKABC symposia. I retired from leading club trips three years ago when I turned 80. The more recent Kayak Cuisine trips were co led by myself and Heather Kirk. For many years recipes were published regularly in the Newsletter under the title of Kayak Cuisine. I still have those recipes in printed form and perhaps they and others that I have accumulated can be organized and scanned for archiving and online access at the SKABC website. This is a bit of a technical challenge for me so if anyone is interested in getting that set up I would be pleased to cooperate.

Kayak Cookery by Linda Daniel first published by Pacific Search Press in 1986 was extremely useful to us as novice kayakers at that time and I still refer to it from time to time. Probably no longer in print but worth looking out for as a used book.