Reply To: Kayak Cooking

Heather Kirk

We can run the Kayak Cuisine weekend again as soon as the COVID crisis is over but in the meantime, it’s a great idea to share some recipes.

Just yesterday I tried a new dried Laksa noodle soup from Singapore that I think will be a good base for a quick and filling dinner. I got the soup from Sungiven Asian supermarket in the mall at 12th and Cambie. The manufacturer is Prima Food. I didn’t add anything to it yesterday because I wanted to make sure it tasted good first, but when I make it again I’ll add a can of chicken, a can of baby corn and a can of straw mushrooms (and maybe some more chili paste). On a short trip, shrimp would be more fun than chicken, and some fresh veggies such as bean sprouts or green beans would round it out. The chili paste and coconut broth is brought to a boil, the noodles are boiled for 7 minutes and it’s ready.