Reply To: Camping Hammocks – anyone have any experience using camping hammocks?

Nick Heath

I have a good bought hammock – Hennessy Expedition – has a fly and bug net plus super-easy entry –  and I use it occasionally. It is easy to use and comfortable.  Advantages: 1) greatly increases possible camp locations on BC coast with our abundant trees 2) slightly  smaller package than a 1-2 person tent after adding in the tree straps and rigging.

Disadvantages: 1) needs an insulation pad underneath or you will be cold – a thermarest inside won’t work because it just rides up on top of you unless you can somehow tie it down 2) no place to put much gear – mine has small pockets along the ridge for a watch, phone, headlamp/flashlight etc but most of your stuff has to sit outside or in a separate pack, even your water bottle – anything else inside will migrate to beneath your butt. 3) in pouring rain it is harder than my tent to enter without getting anything wet inside – but this is comparing the hammock with a tent that has a large vestibule – sort of unfair. 4) limited to one occupant.

I know 2 women who paddled a couple of years ago from Salt Spring I to Glacier Bay AK. They used hammocks almost exclusively and this made their expedition much more practical – very little brushing, site levelling or clearing etc is needed each night, just a couple of well-spaced trees.

I’m surprised that they are not more popular, but they do take some getting used to.